Swedish Death Cleaning
& Decluttering

Helping you to make your decisions now & avoid leaving the overwhelm to those you love…

What is Swedish Death Cleaning?

Are you thinking now is the time to reflect and review what I own so my loved ones don’t have to do it whilst they are grieving? Well in essence, that’s Swedish Death Cleaning. A morbid subject, but something so important for us all to do.

Given the recent pandemic events, anyone, at any age may find themselves leaving loved ones in the unfortunate situation of having to review everything accumulated over a lifetime. So we all need to be kind and not leave our loved ones to inherit that burden & overwhelm. It’s better for them and you to make those decisions now – when you have more time to make considered choices.

With our help you can let go of the clutter hiding the treasures & relax knowing you have reviewed all your possessions and organised important items for those you love and removed any clutter that you don’t want them to find, worry about or deal with.

Helping you every step of the way

It may be one cupboard, a room or even a whole house but with our help, guiding you through this process your lifetime of treasures & special things can be preserved for those you love and you can relax and get on with what you love to do with a simplified life knowing that your special memories won’t be lost among less important items and those you love will also benefit from you taking the decision to feel an organised you.

It’s a little like downsizing, without the hassle of moving, taking time now to make your home work better for the life you are living now.

When is the right time to declutter?

Are you looking around your home and thinking to yourself

‘how did I get SO much stuff that I don’t need?
‘life feels busy’
‘I can’t find what I need’
‘I feel overwhelmed with life’
‘I find it hard to make decisions’
‘I feel overwhelmed with clutter’

Whether it’s a change in circumstances or just years of accumulation – removing clutter can make room for you to feel an organised you with a simpler life more focussed on the things that matter most.

  • So where do you start?
  • How do you declutter professionally?
  • Why should you declutter?

You don’t have to deal with it alone – we can help you decide where to start and work with you to make it feel easier and how you would like it to be.

We aren’t minimalists, we won’t make you throw everything away – just make space to enjoy the things you want to keep.

Let us help you feel an organised you…..

"Amanda helped my mother on decluttering and also her personal admin as well as her photos and memories and is very organised and professional yet has a kind personal touch which is very important when working with vulnerable people in their own home. I'm so pleased she helped my Mum."

Decluttering & Downsizing as part of Swedish Death Cleaning. Retiree. V

"You don't realise how transformational your work is for me compared to how I have been living. It's amazing to be able to walk into the dining room and it not feel cluttered with paperwork - absolutely amazing."

Paperwork decluttering project. Professional Civil Servant. D

"Amanda was very professional but also friendly, I felt I had known her for a long time within minutes of meeting her which made having a stranger come into my home and showing them the worst parts of it (the areas that would normally be closed out of embarrassment) so much easier. This is a long term investment that will help me in years to come."

Decluttering support & Swedish Death Cleaning. Retired professional. S

"Amanda really knows how clutter develops, how it takes over your life and how it can be better managed. She does this with tact, patience and understanding in an extremely professional manner."

Decluttering support. Retired professional Civil Servant. P

"In one session, Amanda helped me create space and to get rid of things that I had been holding on to for a number of years. Recommended & excellent value."

Decluttering support, Professional. H.