Professional Organiser, Downsizer & Declutterer
Swedish Death Cleaning Consultant

Let me help you feel An Organised You, maintain it for your wellbeing & avoid you leaving overwhelm to those you love…

Hello, I’m Amanda, a professional organiser, move manager, decluttering & downsizing & Swedish death cleaning consultant. I work with clients to downsize and declutter their homes and lives to help them feel organised so they have more time to focus on what they love and help them avoid leaving overwhelm to their loved ones.

I do this in a friendly approachable way and help you through the overwhelm to make your home feel better for you, maybe for the life you are currently living or in preparation for a life change or a move or after an event.

I have been helping people feel organised for many years and have experience with a variety of clients so offer a bespoke confidential service totally tailored to YOU.

My Services

I offer a host of services, all of which can be tailored to your personal needs and at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

It is not about being minimalist and you will always feel totally in control of the decision process. The goal is usually about making space in your home, mind and life for what you love and how you want to live.

Your space, better placed!


Senior move management
& downsizing

Swedish Death Cleaning
& Decluttering

Why do you need a professional downsizing or decluttering service?

There are many reasons that you may need to work with a professional organiser, move manager or use a downsizing & decluttering service.

  • Perhaps you are looking for professional help with the Swedish Death Cleaning process because you don’t want your loved ones to have to deal with overwhelm when they inherit your possessions.
  • You inherited your loved ones’ possessions and don’t know where to start to review them?
  • You have lost a loved one and need help as you move towards a new chapter of your life?
  • It’s now time to downsize your current home for new beginnings or even move from your current home?
  • You or your family are feeling too busy with work and homelife to do it alone?
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand or you feel you have experienced a mental health challenge such as depression, anxiety, hoarding disorder, ADHD, OCD or you just feel you need some help with something in your life.

Many of my clients have experienced the difference a trusted professional can make to their lives. Read more about why they choose to work with me and what they say about their experience.

"My heartfelt thanks for all the support you have given me. I am looking forward to what more we can achieve in 2021."

Hoarding Disorder help for retired Male medical Consultant.

"Amanda was just so supportive and was very attentive to what I wanted out the session and how to move forward with decluttering the flat."

Husband and wife with disabilities who needed help with organising their new home.

"I am really enjoying myself and my organised surroundings. Thank you.

Kitchen & Utility home organisation female business owner.