Professional Organiser

Helping you feel An organised you, maintain it for your wellbeing and avoid you leaving overwhelm to those you love

Why do you need a
professional organiser?

  • Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and are looking for an experienced professional who is reliable and trustworthy to assist you with a one off project or even work with you regularly as your private assistant or accountability partner to help you with your Life Admin or paperwork.
  • Maybe you are considering moving or downsizing and need an experienced professional to work with you to achieve this.
  • Maybe you are looking for some help to get your lifetime treasures, Sadmin or Legacy Planning in order and looking for a trusted professional to coach you through this rather than putting the burden on those you love.
  • Maybe you love your home but perhaps some spaces aren’t working for you and it needs organising, sorting or redefining so you feel organised and it works better for your life.
  • Maybe you have had a busy time in your life, a life changing event or even a trauma, or have been suffering with a mental health challenge such as depression, OCD or hoarding disorder and you now would welcome working with a professional organiser to help you feel organised and back in control after this Life Transition.
  • Perhaps organising isn’t your strength or so you would like some help to put in some routines, systems and processes to make your life feel easier and your week run smoother so you feel an organised you.
  • You may be looking for a professional to coach and guide you on a particular area of your life or home that you need to organise after a Life Transition.

Qualified to help

We are Members of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO), Association for Coaching and the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation (ICD) and a partner of the Senior Move Partnership and have experience working with many clients feeling the same as you so can help you towards your goal to feel an organised you.

We would love to have a chat about how we can help you.

We work with you across the UK in your home but we also work virtually across the world so why not get in touch to arrange a brief no obligation chat.

"I came into this not being 100% sure that my project could be tackled in a way that I would like it and still get the results I wanted, but the service exceeded my expectations and I got the results I wanted in a caring, approachable way. Amanda worked hard, she was conscientious with attention to detail. My husband died 4 years ago and this is the best money I have spent since! I would highly recommend the services of An Organised You."

Swedish Death Cleaning project. Professional Business Owner. M

"Amanda helped me on understanding how an organised system works! Everything has a home! And Amanda takes your unwanted items away!! I still have a way to go but feel the healing process has begun, my mind beginning to feel uncluttered as well!!"

Home organisation/family organising system. Homemaker. A

"This is a hard thing to do on your own, I did try, but it’s easy to feel defeated and give up... One of the projects we have done recently is review lots of paperwork of mine that had built up over many years as well as some paperwork that I had inherited from my late parents. Recommended service."

Organisation of home as part of Swedish Death Cleaning Project. K

"No one I know has used a professional organiser so I was a little unsure but Amanda helped me sort out an area of my home that had become a weight on my shoulders. She is kind, considerate and professional. We cleared the entire area I was concerned about and she even took unwanted items to donate on my behalf."

Decluttering & organising after renovation. Working professional parent. R.