For...An Organised You!

We offer one to one bespoke virtual professional organising and decluttering help and support to you in the comfort of your own home which may offer you a more affordable flexible professional organising service in your home, it’s bespoke to what you need and includes:

  • Virtual Face to Face consultation via WhatsAPP, Zoom, Teams, FaceTime to discuss your goals and potential solutions to help you become An Organised You.

  • A virtual face to face follow up coaching session via WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, FaceTime to assist you with your goal and steps to be taken to become An Organised You.

  • A follow up email to summarise the session and any next steps and opportunities for you to become An Organised You.

It’s totally affordable and bespoke to you and means you can decide how much help you need and when you need it!


During these next few months do you think you would benefit from:


  • Some tips & tricks on how to be an organised you?

  • Someone you can trust to answer your organising and decluttering questions?

  • Knowing how to get your house and home organised for your lifestyle and family so you feel an organised you?

  • Professional organiser online coaching support on tackling the tasks you need to complete?

  • Decluttering & organising tools and techniques to get your house and home organised?

  • Help with your personal goals and productivity plan for the next few months?

  • Support with organising/habits creation in an ADHD friendly way?

  • Some time management hints & tips & motivation from a professional organiser to help you feel an organised you?

  • Support to you on organising if you are experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges?

  • Professional advice on options and solutions to your space and storage problems in the home?

  • Professional advice on how to manage household tasks, routines, activities and busy family life?

  • Help and advice to stay organised when you are working from home and have children at home with you?

  • Professional advice on how to organise your home office and paperwork?

  • Professional advice on Life Organising/Swedish Death Cleaning?


We can help you confidentially and discretely with all of this and more - it’s not a group class or a recorded session, it’s live, one to one and its totally bespoke to you!


Think about the benefits of having your own personal professional organiser, a virtual executive & productivity assistant at hand to help you with organising and you don’t even have to leave your home!


Stop feeling us

07876 558535 or email to discuss how we can help you feel An organised you and maintain it for your wellbeing or send us a message on Let's Chat below 

+44 7876 558535

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