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I have a room in my house which, for years had effectively been a 'dumping ground' for things I couldn't make a decision on!! Recently though it had become so 'cluttered' that it was playing on my mind. I asked An Organised You to help with the 'de cluttering' process and in just 8 hours we achieved my goal. As a result, the room is clear and all the items I decided to keep have their own space and I can now find them!! It is now a pleasure to go into the room, not a nightmare! Declutter of 'spare room' retired professional female

Amanda helped with organising my [walk in] under stairs cupboard. I had never thought of using it as a toy cupboard but [Amanda’s suggestion] has been a real life changer! The kids thought it was amazing and now the sitting room is free of toys of an evening and all put away…. by the kids (and happily at that!) It has helped clear my mind and has helped me mentally so much. [It’s been] easier to get the kids to put things away as well.  Professional working Mum of 2 Primary age children.


Amanda helped last year to organise our Christmas decorations with items I already had, costing me nothing [in extra storage]. This Christmas instead of taking hours to get out our decorations and [after Christmas] put it all away I knew exactly where it all was and the kids could do it themselves too as they knew where to put the baubles as it was all clearly labelled! Amanda has been amazing for us.  Home organisation for a Professional couple

Amanda was very professional but also friendly, I felt I had known her for a long time within minutes of meeting her which made having a stranger come into my home and showing them the worst parts of it (the areas that would normally be closed out of embarrassment) so much easier. We got loads done and Amanda gave loads of really useful hints and tips of how to arrange my home. The help she has given I can use in more than just organising my home. Can't wait for her to come back and tackle another area with her. This is a long term investment that will help me in years to come.  Declutter and home organisation systems for a Professional working mum of 2 children following a home renovation.

An approachable but professional service with experience in the obsessional hoarding home domaine. Getting the balance right between treading gently with damaged individuals and pushing enough to make progress is a rare skill. Allows the individual to lead, but also encourages and deals practically with aspects of what needs to go. This together with helpful suggestions and organisational systems to complement the ongoing progress are excellent. Whole house declutter in preparation for a house move for a retired senior medical professional 


[Amanda helped me on] understanding how an organised system works! Everything has a home! And Amanda takes your unwanted items away!!  I still have a way to go but feel the healing process has begun, my mind beginning to feel uncluttered as well!! Kitchen & Utility declutter & organisation and support on the creation of a family organising system for a busy mum of 3 children, a cat and a new puppy!

The help I received was very professional and because there was no 'attachment' to the items, was  very objective, an approach I hadn't managed! Decluttering support, Retired Finance Director

Amanda is amazing. She is extremely well organised and focused, which is the key to her being able to assist people who can't see the wood for the trees!! Administration support for retired professional female


So much was achieved in the time we had! I can now find everything without trawling through piles of things - Amanda has created a well organised and useful utility. I can now find whatever I need - instantly, it really helps. Professional working female with 2 children.

Amanda is lovely. Her advice is excellent and very practical. She is very motivational and at the same time tells you kindly how to manage. She is a serious hard worker and gets the job done properly. With her help and encouragement I downsized after 27 years and it was surprisingly pleasant! Thoroughly recommend. Downsizing support for retired professional female

Amanda was very personable, easy to get along with & made the whole experience fun.  She arrived on time assessed what was required & planned the tasks accordingly. She was personable, professional & fun to work with! Professional female requiring assistance in preparation for a house move including decluttering.


From first contacting Amanda I was impressed. No one I know has used a professional organiser so I was a little unsure but Amanda helped me sort out an area of my home that had become a weight on my shoulders. She is kind, considerate and professional. We cleared the entire area I was concerned about and she even took unwanted items to donate on my behalf. I would not hesitate to use this service again. I feel a 100% more organised. Mum of 2 young children requiring assistance decluttering and home organisation for master bedroom.


Amanda has been helping my mother on decluttering, her personal admin as well as her photos and memories. Amanda is very organised and professional yet has a kind personal touch which is very important when working with vulnerable people in their own home. I'm so pleased she is helping Mum. Lifestyle assistance for retiree

I have been "trying" to sort my house out since I retired several years ago. It has only got worse.  I have had some help from a different professional organiser in the past and it did make some difference but it was short lived. This time with An organised you,  we have made an excellent start- three rooms so far and onto the fourth now.  One was not too bad but two were dreadful, bordering on being unusable. The difference with Amanda from when I have cleared rooms on my own is that the clutter has now been sorted and organised properly and not just moved to another room! There is still a long way to go, but working with Amanda, I feel confident that I will keep it up until every room is a joy. Decluttering assistance for retiree


It is just a-maz-ing .  Hard to believe it is my house. You have done a marvellous job- keeping me to task deserves a medal. You must feel pretty pleased yourself. Thank you. Looking forward to an “Organised Me New Year”. Home organisation and decluttering for retiree.

If you are losing things, have piles of junk or a lot of clutter - book Amanda today.  She listens well, suggests economical solutions and has great style! decluttering support for downsizer.

Excellent professional service, excellent value for money and met my needs.  Social media & marketing support for small business owner.

Amanda supported me in tackling getting rid of things that needed to go. Amanda was very supportive, non-judgemental and disciplined in assisting/directing the challenge of decluttering. Willing to take things to the charity and suggestions where I could pass things on to too.  Wardrobe organisation for professional female.


Thanks for your help Amanda, your service is amazing and our family were very pleased with the help you gave to our Grandma in preparation for a future downsize.  Thank you’. Decluttering support in preparation for relocation.

In just one session Amanda helped me decide what was needed for my Art room project and how to approach it.  She was enthusiastic, helpful, understanding and forward thinking.  A rare find. Home organisation support for retiree.

Quite simply our governing body could not function without her.  She has a huge knowledge about governance issues and anything she doesn’t know she will find out usually by the next day.  She is incredibly organised and sends out many friendly reminders so that we can all look organised too!’ Clerking support for Academy Board.


I worked with Amanda while I was an interim Marketing Director and found her to be an excellent and very reliable marketing professional’.  Marketing support to business consultancy


Amanda contributes energy, enthusiasm and constructive ideas to all that she does.  Once a project has been agreed Amanda is great at seeing things through to completion’.  Consultancy for  business improvement and training consultancy.


Amanda has provided me with invaluable support on projects where we needed deliver highly professional events for clients, follow up quickly with detailed reports and not lose sight of the sensitivity of the information we were handling’.  Event management for Leadership coach and business consultant.

Amanda was always a ray of light….I always found her helpful and committed…….as a person she is energectic, commercially driven and great to work withBids, proposal editing and support for communication and presentation business.


Amanda has an excellent ability to pick up complex challenges and sets targets and milestones to meet the objections and expectations of the task.  Interim marketing  support for  medium sized distribution business.


Amanda is diligent in her work, well structured and organised.  She is pleasant and polite and was always available to support the needs…a dedicated professional.  Academy board support to Managing Director, Business and Engineering Services business.


Amanda did an excellent job of managing all routine administrative duties for our Academy Board and demonstrated sound skills in stakeholder management.  I am also impressed by Amanda’s professionalism and great work attitude.  Academy board support to Vice President, large blue chip company.


Amanda is a shining example of someone who can turn their hand to just about anything – a well organised multi tasker.   Marketing support, manufacturing business.


Her work rate is awesome and her ability to deal with adversity is most impressive.  This is a view adopted not only by myself, but also of those whom she has interacted on my behalf…..she has an ability to initiate without being prompted…..highly personable, has a great sense of humour and has excellent inter-personal skills.  Project management for charity. 


‘…..thank you for all you did for [our charity] and particularly for being so helpful to me.  Partnership work for a charity on behalf of a Senior Civic dignitary.


Proactive, confident and focused, Amanda is truly a ‘self-starter’.  Project work , National Charity.


Her attention to detail is second to none and she is totally dedicated in seeing a project through to its conclusion.  Project work for blue chip.

She has demonstrated high levels of integrity, confidentiality and judgement….a refreshing pragmatism to all her tasks and her considerable sense of fun never compromises her high professional standards’Executive assistant support.

'A cheerful conscientious worker who always maintained the highest standards required’.  Executive assistant support.

Amanda was able to work without supervision and use common sense and discretion to good effect’. Executive assistant support.

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