How we can help you....


Maybe you love your home but perhaps some spaces aren’t working for you and it needs organising, sorting or redefining or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and are looking for an experienced professional who is reliable and trustworthy to assist you with a one off project or work with you regularly.


Maybe you are considering moving or downsizing or just wanting to get your lifetime treasures in order so you need some professional assistance to focus on getting your home organised and you feeling back in control.


You may be looking for a professional to guide you on an area of your life or home that you need to organise.  Maybe you have had a busy time in your life, an event or even a trauma, or have been suffering with a mental health challenge such as depression, OCD or hoarding disorder and you now would welcome working with a professional organiser to help you feel an organised you and back in control


Perhaps organising isn’t your strength so you would like some help to put in some systems and processes to make your life easier and your week run smoother so you feel an organised you.


We are Members of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) and the Institute for Challenging Disorginization (ICD) and have experience working with many clients feeling the same as you and can help you achieve your goals and to feel an organised you and we would love to have a chat about how we can help you.


We work with you across the UK in your home but we also work virtually across the world.


We can see the wood through the trees!

​Are you looking around your home and thinking to yourself ‘how did I get SO much stuff that I don’t need? ‘I feel overwhelmed with life’, ‘I find it hard to make decisions’, ‘I can’t find what I need’, ‘life feels busy’, ‘I feel overwhelmed with clutter’.  Whether it’s a change in circumstances or just years of accumulation – removing clutter can make room for you to feel an organised you with a simpler life more focussed on the things that matter most. 


So where do you start? How do you downsize professionally? Why should you declutter?  Do I need to downsize? You don’t have to deal with it alone - we can help you decide where to start and work with you to complete your  project so you can feel you have a better balance as well as structure in your life, giving you an organised clear path through the overwhelm and sustain it to achieve better wellbeing.


Helping you to make your decisions now & avoid you leaving overwhelm to those you love...


We can support you with your downsizing/senior move or with Swedish Death Cleaning, a morbid name for something that is however  so important so that we don't leave our loved ones those decisions and overwhelm we may be struggling to make now.  With our help on we can help you feel an organised you now with your life organised knowing you won't be leaving overwhelm to those people who mean so much to you.


We also offer general support with your life projects as let’s face it we are all busy and under pressure with our work and family needs or maybe now you are retired you would like some trustworthy friendly support on a project to help you feel an organised you so you can get on with enjoying the fun bits of retirement!  Call us your personal productivity assistant at home!  


Trust in us...


We are APDO members and have undertook professional training from the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation and hold their:

  • Certificates of Study in the Ageing Client

  • Certificates of Study in Time Management & Productivity.

  • Certificates of Study in Chronic Disorganisation.

  • Certificates of Study in ADHD.

  • Certificates of Study in Health Issues & Conditions affecting Chronic Disorganisation.

  • Certificates of Study in Understanding Hoarding Disorder


​You can trust in our methods as we

  • accredited and a registered recommended member of the Association of Professional Organisers and Declutterers (APDO), the leading professional organisation in the UK for Professional Organising and Decluttering and I also follow the  APDO Code of Ethics.

  • a Senior Move Manager with the Senior Move Partnership.

  • a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

  • a qualified Mental Health First Aid England Mental First Aider.

  • a member of the Academy of Virtual Organisers.

  • am fully insured for public liability (£5m) and professional indemnity.

  • am registered with the Information Commissioners Officer as required by the Data Protection Act 1998.

  • hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate.

  • hold a Waste Carrier Licence.


Helping you feel An Organised You, maintain it for your wellbeing & aovid leaving overwhelm to those you love...

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