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10 questions we Professional Organisers often get asked….

1. Why do I need a professional organiser? Can’t I just do this myself?

Yes, of course we know you could do most of it yourself but sometimes there just isn’t the time is there? By asking us to help you it means you can have the opportunity to get things back in order but also the time to get on with the things that you love to do or perhaps get on with the stuff that can add better value to your business or home life.

We can work with you on projects or do it for you. It’s a flexible process – decided by you…but giving you back some of your much needed time….

2. But surely it's a luxury to pay someone else to do it, will I find it good value?

We are confident you will. Let’s face it we would all like to buy in services or use items to enhance our lives wouldn't we? Whether that’s a cleaner, decorator, gardening service, hair colourist or simply online shopping or….maybe that odd convenience meal or takeaway sometimes?

If it has a positive impact on your wellbeing it has to be exceptional value doesn’t it?

We hear all the time of people putting off a job over and again - and when they get our help they are amazed how quickly we can get on with the job and the value for money we offer to them.

3. What types of people hire a professional organiser?


Women, men, people working full or part time, workaholics, stay at home parents, retirees, able bodied or people with a disability.

There isn’t one type of person who needs help from a professional organiser - from time to time we all need help to get organised…. it happens to all of us!

Sometimes it can be short term too because of a life change such as having a baby, divorce, downsizing, moving house, losing a parent or someone else you love.

Letting someone help you get more organised means order can be created again and make you feel back in control and become An Organised You.

4. I don’t want people knowing I am using a professional organiser, are you confidential?


We belong to the Association of Professional Organisers and Declutterers and operate a strict code of ethics and are used to working in the strictest confidence and won’t discuss your project with others.

However, we often find people are so proud and amazed by a professional organising service that they can’t stop discussing their organising and decluttering projects with their family and friends or business colleagues once they are finished!

We can of course offer incentives to those that recommend our services so do always ask us about our referral scheme.

5. How can you help my business?

We have a range of skills that can be offered on a bespoke ad hoc basis. Business owners are often too busy to cover everything … but how do you get help without the hassle of employing lots of specialists that can add on huge annual costs as well as employment law issues that you would rather not have to deal with?

We have an excellent mix of project management & marketing skills to give you a bespoke executive assistant as you need it to enhance your business.

Let us help you on your project to become An Organised You.

6. I need help on Home Organisation but I don’t want to live in a clinical showroom - I want it still to feel like my home..….are you going to ask me to remove sentimental items?

We want you to enjoy your home not tip toe around it with white gloves (socks?) on!

We promise once we start, it will be you making the decisions on what to keep and what to go. We also know lots of useful ways for you to keep some of that sentimental stuff but store it or display it more simply…. So you can enjoy it every day not just every couple of years when you find it stuffed at the back of that cupboard!

7. I need some help on decluttering but I am embarrassed, this surely is the worst clutter you have seen?

Don’t be embarrassed, we are professionals and are used to seeing clutter in a home or a business in a little chaos day in day out and love to help you become An Organised You.

We all live busy lives today and we will never judge you for asking us for support, honestly this is really how all clients feel when they contact us!

They soon realise we are here to help and love our approachable friendly style. They quickly see the benefits of hiring a professional organiser once they start working with them.

So, stop worrying and see how we can help you become An Organised You so you can get on with the things you love to do instead of those things you prefer not to but feel you have to!

8. What happens to the things that I have decided are clutter and I want to discard?

Don’t worry we won’t leave your hallway full of black bags (so they can sneak back into that spare room within days?!). We can take them to your chosen charity shop, church or local school for you. We give you a receipt of where it went too!

If you prefer, depending on what it is, we may even be able to help you sell some of it ….so you can turn your unwanted items into cash!

9. Do you clean?

We clean shelves and cupboards where it assists in the decluttering process but we don’t personally offer a full cleaning service. However, if this is what you need we can still help you with....

Lifestyle Assistance …. let us do some research on your behalf and present you some options for a cleaning company to support you?

10. Can I buy a professional organising gift voucher to help my relative, friend or loved one?

Yes this is something professional organisers often get asked and vouchers make an excellent gift for someone you know who just seems to be overwhelmed by their busy life or a relative who needs support with organising/decluttering of their business.

Sending a gift for us to help them is a great way to show you understand and really do care even though you don’t have the time to help them yourself.

If we haven’t answered your specific question or you would like to discuss more about how we can help you become An Organised You then just drop us an email at amanda@anorganisedyou.co.uk or call us on 07876 558535.

We are here to help you become An Organised You…we can do it with you or do it for you.


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