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An Organised You

Let’s face it we are all get ‘being busy' and we are often taking care of our family or maybe now you are retired you would like some support running your household or administration- sometimes we just need an extra pair of hands, someone you can trust and rely upon to give you some support on those ad hoc jobs that keep cropping up so you have time to do more important things or maybe feel organised…. Call us your personal productivity assistant at home!  We also are increasingly working with households on Swedish Death Cleaning, a morbid name for something that is however  so important so that we don't leave our loved ones - decisions we are struggling to make ourselves.  With our help on Dostadning you can feel an organised you rather than leaving overwhelm to those people who mean so much to you.


Some examples of how we can help you with Lifestyle Assistance


  • Declutter historical papers or set up your filing system – paper or computer based.

  • Downsizing and senior move management/assistance 

  • Professional support and help to you on Swedish Death Cleaning/Dostanding.

  • Help you structure better planning and organisation into your weekly tasks.

  • Help with wardrobe, paperwork, kitchen or general decluttering confidentially.

  • Helping you with financial organising.

  • Research and shortlist your potential options for family holidays/trips or home purchases.

  • Create meal plans to make your life easier.

  • Set up online grocery orders.

  • Create you a home budgeting system.

  • Review your bills to ensure you are getting the best deal.

  • Deal with your deliveries/trades people.

  • Gift shopping/research.

  • Write some letters you need to send.

  • Set up storage for your personal possessions and keepsakes

  • Organise your photo collection or memories.​


Let us help you become An Organised You!


If its something home related we love to organise it!


Pay as you go business services...bespoke for your needs!


We can see the wood through the trees!


Help with those jobs you never get time to finish ...or start!


Help with any of those jobs you just never have time to finish...or start!