Downsizing & Decluttering
We can see the wood through the trees!

Have you ever looked around your home and thought to yourself ‘how did we get SO much stuff that we don’t need? Whether it’s a change in circumstances or just years of accumulation – removing clutter can make room for a life focussed on the things that matter most.  So where do you start? A professional organiser can help you decide where to start and create a more structured and organised clear path through the overwhelm as well as providing an experienced extra pair of hands for you rather than doing it alone.


We are APDO members and have undertook professional training from the Institute for Challenging Disorganisation and hold their:

  • Certificates of Study in the Ageing Client.

  • Certificates of Study in Time Management & Productivity.

  • Certificates of Study in Chronic Disorganisation.

  • Certificates of Study in ADHD.

  • Certificates of Study in Health Issues & Conditions affecting Chronic Disorganisation.

  • Certificates of Study in Understanding Hoarding Disorder

You can trust in our methods as we

  • are a partner of the Senior Move Partnership.

  • are accredited and a registered recommended member of the Association of Professional Organisers and Declutterers (APDO), the leading professional organisation in the UK for Professional Organising and Decluttering and we follow the  APDO Code of Ethics.

  • a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorginisation

  • are fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity.

  • are registered with the Information Commissioners Officer as required by the Data Protection Act 1998.


Some examples of how we can help you with Decluttering


  • Work with you to start your organising & decluttering project offering you advice, tips and motivation.

  • Work with you on Swedish Death Cleaning to support and help you through the Dostadning process.

  • Advice on tackling the clutter yourself and help on storage requirements.  

  • Organise your room/space so it is more functional and more attractive for you.

  • Help you to tackle that junk space/room that has accumulated over many years.

  • Assist you with clearing or declutter a home or space of a deceased relative or friend.

  • Declutter your wardrobe.

  • Declutter one room or declutter a whole house.

  • Declutter paperwork.

  • Help you reduce and sort your home contents before downsizing or a life move.

  • Work with you to unpack after a move.

  • Help you to turn your unwanted items into cash by selling your unwanted items.


Let us help you become An Organised You!